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iOS 7 tip: How to get out of stuck on "Switch Control"

I know everyone is excited to have the new iPhone OS (iOS 7 that is) not only of it's great new UI but also it's new features. One of the awesome feature on iOS 7 is the "Head Gestures", But sad to say a lot of new users somehow got stucked upon setting it up (I had personal experience of my own a few minutes ago that's why i made this tip to share with you guys). 

Just follow the steps below and your good to go:

1. Press and hold "Home" button" till Siri pops up

2. Ask Siri "Turn on assistive touch"

There you go, it's as simple as that and theres no need for you to do a restore as others may have advised you to do.



Philippines Talent Search

In this past few days i've been bugging myself to write something about this so called reality talent show which showcases talents who would be coached by a certain artist to become the next pop superstar in the country. and before I continue to do so, let me share with you what Mr. David Grohl stand about this. 

"When I think about kids watching a TV show like American Idol or The Voice, then they think, ‘Oh, OK, that’s how you become a musician, you stand in line for eight hours with 800 people at a convention center and then you sing your heart out for someone and then they tell you it’s not good enough.’ Can you imagine?” he implores. “It’s destroying the next generation of musicians! Musicians should go to a yard sale and buy an old drum set and get in their garage and just suck. And get their friends to come in and they’ll suck, too. And then they’ll start playing and they’ll have the best time they’ve ever had in their lives and then all of a sudden they’ll become Nirvana. Because that’s exactly what happened with Nirvana. Just a bunch of guys that had some old instruments and they got together and started playing some noise and they became the biggest band in the world. That can happen again! You don’t need a computer or the Internet or The Voice or American Idol.” 
Well heres my thoughts about this.

This so called talent search is just exploiting the artist and it's all about "FAME & MONEY" and not for this persons' talent. Let's say me, I will audition and my piece will be from The Sex Pistols or The Cramps or by our very own Wuds. Do you think someone from the coachs' would press their buzzers or the judges would not give me an "X"?

It is merely just for exploiting the artist and not really the talent this artist has. Look this so called coaches like Bamboo, Sarah Geronimo and Apl de App (Ms. Leah Salonga for me deserve to be a coach) from this three do you think this three has the right to coach a certain artist who is more talented than them? My gulay.... Oo....

Ok i'll admit it and not to be a hypocrite, I was conscious to see what this show is all about (I mean The Voice Phils.). I search for it in YouTube and there it is this young girl singing an acoustic version of a kundiman classic, And who do you think press the buzzer for her talent? anyways my friend told me that she got in and able to go to the 2nd round and again guess what? she got ejected.... yes my friend told me this poor girl got ejected and the reason is that she did not gave justice to the song choice (which i don't know who chooses for her).

So what now? what's the point of having this kind of talent show when they themselves so called coaches did not base their decision via artists' sheer talent but because he/she did not sound like the famous pop superstar from abroad... Ay gi-atay  lagi.... sus marya ka indo!

ayoko na! di ko na kaya to kayo bahala!



I'm going to print some shirt and yes i'm again doing some photoshop art and i've decided to print it.

Here are some of them:

this are NOT FOR SALE and only for my personal use.

Frozen Moment

The Philippines is really fun to be at right now, Aside from politics, sex scandals, Natural disasters etc... etc... etc... some light moment also happens.

Freeze Mob by Project Awesome, Is first ever in the Philippines and it was done smoothly and awesomely by the organizers.

here is the video of the actual frozen moment.

Congratulations Project Awesome!


Atoms for Peace

this photo is not mine, it is from stereogum.com. i just borrowed it.
It's exactly 12:30 am and i can't sleep so I grabbed my headset plugged it to my ever trusted iDevice and starts to listen to Atoms for Peace, then while listening to them I suddenly got this urged and decided to write something about this so called "Super Band" and wonders why they were formed, What's their reasons and purpose in getting together. Is it for a cause? or just because they were bored of their stardom or just for the heck of it? and maybe they just want to challenge themselves and see if they will succeed. So I turned on my computer and do some fast research about this super band.

Atoms for peace, the group consists of Thom Yorke (Radio Head), Nigel Godrich (Radio Head producer), Michael Peter Balzary better known as Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Joey Waronker (Beck & REM) and Mauro Refosco (Forro in the dark). the band was formed in later part of 2009 and merely as backup band for Thom Yorke (Performing his solo album) and not until February of 2010. their music is categorized as Experimental Rock and they just released their first album "AMOK" last February 25, this year also they will have a world tour and it started this month till November.

The band according to Thom Yorke was formed merely because of their common love for the music of the Afrobeat and that their debut album was a product of getting together, getting wasted listening to Fela Kuti. On Radioheads website Thom Yorke officially named the band Atoms for Peace upon announcing their April 2010 US tour, And in March of 2010 Yorke tweeted "It has been decided that we called ourselves Atoms for Peace. Hope you like the name.. it seem bleedin' obvious".

And thus this super band was born.

- For more info about the band and tour dates, just visit their website.
- some of the info I gathered from radiohead.com and over the internet.


Internet 101 (Things i noticed on the internet)

this image/photo is not mine and it's owned by eofdreams.com and hoping they don't mind me using this image. sorry guys! and thank you :D
This morning i woke up a bit nerdy and lazy, then i come up with this crazy idea of compiling some things that i've noticed while browsing the internet.

Here they are as to how i saw/read them. in random order of-course.

  • Internet 101:Person: Whoohoo! i have 1K friends now! 

    Friend of the person: Dude get out once in a while, you'll find that there's a real world out there.

    Famous friends who's friends with my friends are now my friends.

    Don't you just love the internet.


    This one was from me and it really happened to me.

    Friend in person: Dude help me i've been like living my life and probably gonna die single.

    Me (Who else do you think this is... duh!): My friend that's the reason why the computer and the internet was invented. 

    thanks to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster and Pr0n sites.



    OHEMGEE! Snow in the Philippines!

    Dude get a life and start going out once in awhile.


    Theres more of this and i'll be posting them once I get bored again.

    Don't you just love the internet!


Ang trapik nga naman

(Image courtesy of www.gulfnews.com)
Don't know if this people (MMDA, LTO, LTFRB, PNP and DPWH) really blind or are just closing their eyes. I'TS THE PUBLIC UTILITY BUSSES AND JEEPNEYS FAULT!!!!

Even how many alternative efforts and billions of peso you guys will spend it will still end up NOTHING! yes we need them public transport but it's just too many of them, (and to be honest the drivers of all public utilities needs to be educated.). isama na pati mga KOLORUM.

Suggestion ng mga nakararami:

1. Provincial busses from the north should be till Balintawak or Camachile only.
2. Provincial busses from south should be till Magallanez only.
3. City busses should be number and color coded so that maiiwasan na ang KOLORUM. Also drivers and conductors should be on quota and salary basis (para di nag aagawan at na tambay sa estasyon na na-giging sanhi ng pag bagal ng usad ng trapiko)
4. Taxi's should also be color coded and drivers should be on quota and salary basis (para din maiiwasan na ang pangongontrata sa mga pasahero.)
5. This new FX or UV transport thingie is ok. From point of origin to end. (Bakit hindi ma implement to sa mga busses?.... )

Attention #MMDA  #DPWH  #LTO #LTFRB at #PNP pls naman po paki buksan lang sana ang inyong mga mata at wag mag bulag bulagan o ma silaw sa mga lagay/kotong/red tape/suhol (o kahit ano pa mang tawag dito) at isipin na lang muna natin ang pag kakaroon ng maayos na kakalsadahan. Lagi ninyong tatandaan, ang mabagal na pag daloy ng trapiko ay sya ding pag bagal ng ating pag unlad.

Pucha napaka simple lang neto.