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Atoms for Peace

this photo is not mine, it is from stereogum.com. i just borrowed it.
It's exactly 12:30 am and i can't sleep so I grabbed my headset plugged it to my ever trusted iDevice and starts to listen to Atoms for Peace, then while listening to them I suddenly got this urged and decided to write something about this so called "Super Band" and wonders why they were formed, What's their reasons and purpose in getting together. Is it for a cause? or just because they were bored of their stardom or just for the heck of it? and maybe they just want to challenge themselves and see if they will succeed. So I turned on my computer and do some fast research about this super band.

Atoms for peace, the group consists of Thom Yorke (Radio Head), Nigel Godrich (Radio Head producer), Michael Peter Balzary better known as Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Joey Waronker (Beck & REM) and Mauro Refosco (Forro in the dark). the band was formed in later part of 2009 and merely as backup band for Thom Yorke (Performing his solo album) and not until February of 2010. their music is categorized as Experimental Rock and they just released their first album "AMOK" last February 25, this year also they will have a world tour and it started this month till November.

The band according to Thom Yorke was formed merely because of their common love for the music of the Afrobeat and that their debut album was a product of getting together, getting wasted listening to Fela Kuti. On Radioheads website Thom Yorke officially named the band Atoms for Peace upon announcing their April 2010 US tour, And in March of 2010 Yorke tweeted "It has been decided that we called ourselves Atoms for Peace. Hope you like the name.. it seem bleedin' obvious".

And thus this super band was born.

- For more info about the band and tour dates, just visit their website.
- some of the info I gathered from radiohead.com and over the internet.