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Internet 101 (Things i noticed on the internet)

this image/photo is not mine and it's owned by eofdreams.com and hoping they don't mind me using this image. sorry guys! and thank you :D
This morning i woke up a bit nerdy and lazy, then i come up with this crazy idea of compiling some things that i've noticed while browsing the internet.

Here they are as to how i saw/read them. in random order of-course.

  • Internet 101:Person: Whoohoo! i have 1K friends now! 

    Friend of the person: Dude get out once in a while, you'll find that there's a real world out there.

    Famous friends who's friends with my friends are now my friends.

    Don't you just love the internet.


    This one was from me and it really happened to me.

    Friend in person: Dude help me i've been like living my life and probably gonna die single.

    Me (Who else do you think this is... duh!): My friend that's the reason why the computer and the internet was invented. 

    thanks to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster and Pr0n sites.



    OHEMGEE! Snow in the Philippines!

    Dude get a life and start going out once in awhile.


    Theres more of this and i'll be posting them once I get bored again.

    Don't you just love the internet!