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I'm back!

I'm going to start blogging again (since i have this itch that wont stop and have to do something really quick), And i also know for a fact that i too have the rights to do this and i don't mind having bad criticism (Ingit lang kayo!). I want to express myself again by writing stuff that's inside of me and wanting not to waste them. and it all started out last night when i was reading some articles over the world wide web and then asked my self this, "Why not start blogging again?".

So I compiled 3 reasons on why i should do it again, and here it goes.

    1. I'm so bored that i need a diversion and the best diversion i thought was to go back writing something or rant about anything under the sun.

    2. Home sick, I miss the things i do back in Manila where i grew up and made name for myself (as if i'm famous and shit).

    3. Have to write and use my thick skull to do something right and to mark my existence in this awesome world.

This is the top 3 reasons why i would start this thing and also to make some noise about what i want the world to know, instead of keeping it inside my brain.

Ok! so thats it and this will be my first entry. Adios!